Send or transfer money to Sweden

Want to send money to Sweden? Are you considering a bank wire to transfer the money to Sweden? Before you walk into your bank to do it, make sure you check the wire transfer fees. It may come as a shock the amount the fees and charges will be and depending on the amount of the transfer, it might not be worth sending the money by bank wire transfer to forward the money another way.

What makes it worse is in addition to your financial institution imposing a fee for sending the funds to a place in Sweden, the individual getting the transfer of funds will most likely also incur a fee at their end. A way to minimise the possibility of this charge is to send the international wire transfer in their designated currency.

To make a bank wire transfer to Sweden, you might need a SWIFT code. These are unique for each financial institution and are based on things such as the country and individual bank.

Bank wire details for Sweden

  • Country – Sweden
  • SWIFT Country Code – SE
  • Central Bank Name – Sveriges Riksbank
  • Currency – Swedish Krona
  • Currency Code – SEK