Send or transfer money to Slovenia

Need to send money to Slovenia? Thinking about a wire to send the money to Slovenia? Before you visit your bank to organise it, make sure you check the wire transfer fees. You might get a shock the amount the fees and charges will be and depending on the amount of the transfer, it might be better to have a look at the alternatives to forward the money by other means.

What can make it more expensive is in addition to your financial institution charging a fee for sending the funds to a bank in Slovenia, the recipient receiving the transfer of money may incur a fee from the bank at their end. A way to minimise the possibility of this fee is to send the international wire transfer in their designated currency.

To make a wire transfer to Slovenia, you may need a SWIFT code. These are unique for each bank and based on a number of things including the individual banking institution and country.

Bank wire details for Slovenia

  • Country – Slovenia
  • SWIFT Country Code – SI
  • Central Bank Name – Banka Slovenije
  • Currency – Euro
  • Currency Code – EUR